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WeighFiller's deliver excellent solution for applications involving Batching and Mixing of powder, granulates, or other free flowing solid products.


- Programmable batch size.
- Programmable weight of individual discharges of product

During standard operation Weight Filler weighs and dischargs accurately required amount of products. Weight Filler can be programmed to carry on a specific number of discharges, as per batch size specification.

This function can be used in the case of filling a specific number of packages or when WeightFiller is used as the means of adding ingredients to continuos production process.


- Accurate mixing of up to 10 ingredients
- No damage to fragile ingredients, flakes etc.
- Reliable and flexible operation
- Effective integration to continuous production process
- Simple integration with packaging equipment.
- Easy to maintain, no rotating parts, motors, gearboxes, etc
- Excellent Return On Investment.

Weigh Fillers can mix powders, or granulates by employing 2, 3, 4 or more (up to 10) WeightFillers, and continuously feeding, weighing and discharging products in required proportions.

Let say we need to mix 4 different powders or granulates in the proportions:-
Product # A:-        40%
Product # B:-        25%
Product # C:-        20%
Product # D:-        15%

In that example 4 Weight Fillers (system is capable to link up to 10 WeighFillers) can be installed in parallel, and program to dispatch simultaneously:-
Product # A 40g
Product # B 25g
Product # C 20g
Product # D 15g

Total 100g per single discharge.

That weight of single discharge can be increased, or decreased subject to production requirement, with the speed of approx 25 discharges per min., while maintaining very high accuracy of the target weight.

The chute collecting products discharged by the weighing heads, can be shaped in the way that all powders will be well mixed, without applying any forces (rotary agitators etc.) that could physically damage particles of those powders.

This process will ensure that ingredients are well mixed, and the integrity of fragile ingredients will be preserved.

In the continuous production process this will provide very flexible arrangement of providing continuous flow of well mixed powders, with the ratio programmable to suit the up stream, down stream equipment.

Additional benefit is, that the mixed product can be discharged directly to the packaging machine (eg. vertical form fill seal machine).

The important fact is that the feeding and mixing system can be easily interfaced with other machinery on the production line, and can be linked to remote computers for supervisory control.


In order to fulfil specific marketing requirements, WeighFillers can provide special visual effects taking advantages of different colours or shapes of mixed and packed product.

For example in the process of filling products with different colours into a transparent container, (eg, PTE or glass jar), groups of Weigh Fillers can discharge product sequentially, consequently creating layers of product with different colours.

Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters

  • S 720
  • Low cost
  • User friendly
  • Fast change over
  • Simplified cleaning



Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters

Multihead feeding system



Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters

Multihead system with rotary indexing mechanism

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