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Collischan series of WeighFillers are offering a reliable solution for accurate feeding, mixing, batching and dozing of powders and granulates , tablest, capsules, shredded meat, cheese, and a variety of other products.

Since 1933 Collischan has been engaged in automatic weighing technology. The legendary "Praezi-Blitz" has been equipped with a mechanical weighing system.

Following the development of electronic components, weighing systems and their control fundamentally changed.

Collischan has always accepted such challenges and integrated state-of-the-art technology into it's production program. Consequently, Collischan was already able to offer weigh fillers and check weighers with micro processor control in 1980.

Actually Collischan manufacturing program consists of:

    • Check Weighers to be integrated into packaging lines in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, frozen and tinned food industry.
    • Weigh Fillers for powder, granules and small solid products.
    • Assorting Equipment for leveling of disproportionate products, such as fish, chicken parts or meat portions to meet a predefined total weight.
    • Counting Machines for tablets, capsules, dragees and the like.
    • Packaging Lines complete with feeding, filling and closing equipment, labeling, cartoning, controlling and multi-layer packaging of various products and receptacles.
    • Special Machinery in the field of check weighing and weigh filling..


Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters


Weighing Technology, Weighers, WeighFillers, WeighFeeders, Checkweighers, Pharmaceutical Counters

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